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Interview with Jay Miner

Cloanto's interview with the late Jay Miner, "father of the Amiga", was recorded in Paris on the evening of February 9th, 1990, during the 1990 Amiga Developers Conference.

In the interview, which took place at the conference's hotel bar (as can be heard from the bottles and glasses in the background), Jay spoke with Cloanto developers recalling the birth of the Amiga, but also discussing topics ranging from computers and society to issues unrelated to technology. The most relevant parts of this interview are included as a video on Amiga Forever (the interview is audio-only, but it is completed by a photograph taken during the interview, and a scrolling transcription).

The original recording was done with a portable device (appearing on the table, in the interview photographs) which was running on batteries that were progressively discharging during the interview. Running the original tape, Jay Miner's voice initially sounds like that of a young man, and at the end it is more similar to that of a cartoon character speaking very quickly. This is barely sufficient for a transcript, but it is definitely not the best for publication. So we went through hi-tech efforts to "repair" the tape in order to best share this unique piece of Amiga history with all enthusiasts. For this Amiga Forever edition the original recording was sampled, filtered and processed with professional hardware and software, first at a recording studio, and then with an Amiga 4000 running Samplitude and AudioLab. The Credits section of Amiga Forever contains additional information.

The photograph which accompanies the interview is the second of two that were taken during the interview. After the first picture was shot, Jay pulled another pair of glasses from his jacket, and it was agreed that the second photograph, with the metal-frame glasses, was the better one.

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Jay during the Amiga Forever interview in Paris, France, on February 9, 1990
(take one)

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Jay during the Amiga Forever interview in Paris, France, on February 9, 1990
(take two)