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Amiga Music

In 1985, the Amiga introduced four-channel sample-enabled audio to home computers. For the first time, high quality digital samples of real instruments could be played back through the computer's sound chip. The resulting quality was more realistic than that of home computers like the C64 and Atari ST, where audio was mostly synthesized, rather than based on samples.

Several music file formats were directly inspired by the Amiga, e.g. the original MOD format was able to represent music using four audio channels (reflecting the capabilities of the Amiga chipset), and up to 15 instruments.

Music in Amiga Forever

Amiga Forever does not directly contain any music files, last but not least because international regulations on the distribution of music are often complex and expensive to handle. However, the software preinstalled in Amiga Forever is able to not only emulate the original chipset, but also newer Amiga audio interfaces, such as AHI. Amiga Forever also includes software to play back MOD files.

Additional information and downloadable music files are available from the sites listed on this page.

Music Sites

- Amiga Music Preservation

- ExoticA

- Aminet MOD Archive

- UADE Player

- DeliPlayer

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