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Q: What is the Lifetime Upgrades option? How can I get it?



A: Amiga Forever and C64 Forever minor-version software updates (i.e. within the same major version) are normally free. Upgrades to major versions are free for three months after purchase. The software is DRM-free and not subscription-based, i.e. it may already be used forever (it is "lifetime" in the sense that it never "expires").

Additionally, under the optional Lifetime Upgrades plan, all major-version upgrades within the same product platform (e.g. Windows) become free. When available, free upgrades are provided as a download (not in a new boxed version).

The Lifetime Upgrades option was introduced in Amiga Forever and C64 Forever 8, as a limited offer made via email to existing customers. While it is not currently available as an option for a first-time purchase, it continues to be offered on a time-limited basis as part of upgrade campaigns (via email, or check for updates).

To make an example, under a Lifetime Upgrades plan, a customer of Amiga Forever 8 or 9 for Windows would be entitled to a free version 10 (or higher) for Windows, once released. Should a native version be released for macOS, that would be considered a separate product (not included as a free update).

Outside of a Lifetime Upgrades plan, major upgrades continue to be offered at special conditions to existing customers.

Lifetime upgrades may seem counterintuitive in a day and age where most software publishers try to sell subscriptions, but being software customers as well as developers we know that support manifests itself in different ways, and the constant upgrade reminders can be tiring. We also see the value of our customers being able to always use the latest and most representative version of our work.

Whatever option you prefer, thank you for supporting our development and preservation work.


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