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Explains how to recover from order errors and how to resume or get a copy of download files, license keys or passwords and where to inquiry for billing issues in relation to online sales.



The products described on this site are maintained and supported by the RetroPlatform (Amiga, C64, etc.) team at Cloanto, however they are sold and offered for download by our valued partners, who specialize in secure payments and high-volume downloads.

If you need technical support, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Troubleshooting or Support sections on the software website. We aim to always help you recover a lost license key or download, even if it is 20 years old, so if the avenues outlined on this page do not lead to a satisfactory resolution, feel free to use the Support and Contact options.

If you need assistance with an order or download from Verifone (formerly 2Checkout/Avangate), PayPro, Share-It or Digital River, kindly contact our vendor partner directly:

Important: we have no access to your credit card or payment details. Security is one of the main reasons why we use a selection of most reputable third-party e-commerce partners. The downloadable files are also hosted by our partners.

If you experience a "corrupt ZIP" issue when extracting a ZIP archive, then that indicates a partial (incomplete) download. An "Installation Package Could Not Be Opened" error when running an installer also indicates an incomplete or corrupt download. In both cases, the problem can be solved by re-downloading the file.

If you have a download-related problem please contact the e-commerce partner that hosts the file. They will be able to reset your download counter or make available a new download if needed.

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