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Q: Software Director does not correctly detect the installed version of Amiga Forever. How can I use it to check for news and install free updates?



A: Please verify that you see an "Amiga Forever" publisher entry listed in Software Director. If you are using Software Director that came with Amiga Forever 5.X and you don't see "Amiga Forever" listed, allow Software Director (or the older version, named Software Manager) to update itself when you check for updates.

The "Amiga Forever" publisher entry needs to be registered in Software Director in order for it to access the Amiga-related functionality. The publisher entry is only included in the version of Software Director that comes with with Amiga Forever. It is not available in other versions of Software Director. If you chose not to install Software Director as part of your original Amiga Forever installation you can run the setup procedure again and select Software Director.

Software Director also needs to be able to locate the Amiga Forever installation via a registry key, and then check the exact version by looking at some installed files. For the correct update information to be listed in Software Director, it is important to make sure that the installed version of Amiga Forever is recognized correctly. If Software Director does not detect the installed version, it cannot list the appropriate free upgrade, so no free upgrades will appear.

To make sure that you are using the latest information about available updates, click Check for Updates in the Amiga Forever launcher, or click Check Now in Software Director. If this is the first time that you perform this procedure from an Amiga Forever CD installation you may be prompted to install a newer version of Software Director, which you should do.

In the Latest column you should now see the version number of the latest version of Amiga Forever. Additional items, such as Amiga Explorer and WinUAE, may also be listed separately.

If the Installed column does not list Amiga Forever as being installed on your system, you need to restore the Amiga Forever registry information:

After the registry information has been restored, Software Director should detect your Amiga Forever installation.

If you manually upgraded Amiga Forever, and then reinstalled an older version on top of it without selecting the setup option to delete the existing files, or if you used Software Director to upgrade Amiga Forever, but some files were in use during the upgrade, you may end up with a combination of files from different versions, which is not recognized correctly. If this happens, you can delete the "version.txt" file which Software Director uses to verify the minor version (e.g. 5.3 opposed to 5.0) of the installed files. The file is stored in the Documentation directory of the Amiga Forever installation directory. By default this is:

  • Amiga Forever 5.X: "C:\Program Files\Cloanto\Amiga Forever\Documentation\version.txt"
  • Amiga Forever 6.X: "C:\Program Files\Cloanto\Amiga Forever\Emulation\shared\dir\Work\Documentation\version.txt"
  • Amiga Forever 2005 and higher (on Windows XP): "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Amiga Files\System\dir\Work\Documentation\version.txt"
  • Amiga Forever 2005 and 2006 (on Windows Vista): "C:\Users\Public\Documents\Amiga Files\System\dir\Work\Documentation\version.txt"
  • Amiga Forever 2008 and higher: RPHost.ini in the installation directory

The above changes in paths were required because the version text file is part of the documentation, which in turn moved into the Amiga environment after that had a web browser added in Amiga Forever 6.0 (making it possible to access the HTML documentation). In Amiga Forever 2005, the entire set of Amiga files was moved from "Program Files" to "Amiga Files" for maximum ease of use, security and compatibility with future versions of Windows. Microsoft itself also reorganized the location of public (shared) document files in Windows Vista.

After you delete this file Software Director will recognize the installed version as a minor version "0" (e.g. 5.0, 6.0 or 2005.0) and allow you to reinstall the latest upgrade.

Due to a bug in Software Director prior to version 3.3, if you install Amiga Forever prior to version 5.3, then let Software Director check for updates, and allow Software Director to update itself, and then reinstall Amiga Forever (which again includes and tries to install the older Software Director on top of the newer version), you may end up with a configuration where Software Director opens fine, but does not list any content. If this occurs, you need to manually uninstall Software Director via Add/Remove Programs, and then download the latest version of Software Director and install it.

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