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Amiga Forever 1.0 "Preview Edition"



This article discusses a number of issues affecting the 1997 Preview Edition of Amiga Forever.



If you are still using the "Preview Edition" of Amiga Forever, we would encourage you to upgrade to version 2.0 or higher. Please refer to the Amiga Forever Upgrades section for more information about this, as well as for a free upgrade from v. 1.0 to v. 1.1.

The sections which follow refer specifically to Amiga Forever 1.x, and do not apply to newer versions of Amiga Forever.

Inserting the CD-ROM in a Windows system, a gray window appears instead of the MenuBox program launcher

When the Amiga Forever CD-ROM is inserted in the drive, if the "auto-play" feature is enabled in the system, the MenuBox launcher window should appear, displaying a list of items such as "Read Documentation", "Install to Hard Disk", "UAE (3.0, Sound)", etc.

If a small gray window appears instead, then the MenuBox program can still be accessed manually by right-clicking on the CD-ROM icon, selecting Explore, opening the Windows/MenuBox folder, and double-clicking on MenuBox.exe.

This problem, which occurs in certain versions of Windows, has been solved in Amiga Forever 1.1 and later versions. Once Amiga Forever is installed to hard disk, the same launch window can always be selected from the Start/Programs/Amiga Forever group.

Error when trying to manually copy certain directories from the Amiga Forever 1.0 CD-ROM to the hard disk. Version 1.0 of the Setup program fails with a copy failure

Certain versions of Windows have difficulties dealing with CD-ROM directories having a name which includes characters with a code greater than 127 (non-English characters), as the "ç" in "Français". The Amiga "locale" directory, which is included in different versions of the Amiga system directories (inside Emulation), contains such names, because they are used to group localizations for certain languages other than English. Version 1.1 of the Setup program was designed to be fault-tolerant in these configurations, and to continue installation in spite of a possible impossibility to copy the directories associated to certain Amiga languages. Amiga Forever 2.0 completely solves this issue by adding the Windows-specific Joliet CD-ROM extensions to the ISO file system.

Difficulties running the RTG-enabled version of the emulator

The 1.1 update includes a new version of this emulator, as well as a new entry in the MenuBox launcher to automatically run a preconfigured version of this emulator. Version 1.1 of the setup program solves certain installation issues, such as the creation of a "Configurations" subdirectory, which is necessary for the emulator to run and to store its settings. Because it may need to write configuration files, this version of the emulator is best run from hard disk, and not from CD-ROM.


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