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Speed of Amiga Explorer over TCP/IP Connections



Q: Is it possible to speed up the transfer for TCP/IP connections?



A: Yes. Increasing the Packet Size setting in both the Amiga and
the PC side of Amiga Explorer can result in significant speed increases, especially when longer files are transferred.

We recommend an initial increase from the default value of 512 bytes to 4096 bytes.

On the Windows side right-click the Amiga Explorer ("Amiga") icon, select Properties, click the Options tab, then set the desired value (e.g. 4096) in the Packet Size field.

On the Amiga side click the "AExplorer" icon once and select the "Information..." (or "Info", on older systems) item from the Workbench menus, then edit the PACKETSIZE ToolType entry (e.g. set the value to 4096), press Enter and click Save.


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