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Q: Is it possible to manually uninstall Amiga Explorer? Can the "Amiga" icon be renamed or moved?



A: It is possible, by manually editing the Windows registry, to perform certain tasks which are normally either taken care of by the setup procedure (e.g. by selecting "Amiga Explorer" in the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel item to uninstall the software) or which are not directly supported by the software (e.g. moving or renaming the "Amiga" icon).

Warning - Please read the following article before proceeding:

In the following examples you will find frequent references to "{1E0F3F10-3036-11D1-A4CF-00A0C94203AE}", which is the unique class identifier (CLSID) of Amiga Explorer.

Removing the Amiga Explorer Icon

By default the "Amiga" icon is located on the Desktop, which is a system virtual folder. Amiga Explorer (version 6.0 and higher) includes an option to hide the icon from the Desktop (while maintaining the namespace extension, which can still be accessed, e.g. via Windows File Explorer). This setting is in the Options tab of the Amiga Explorer properties.

The above procedure "hides" the icon from the desktop, but if the desktop is accessed by other means, e.g. via the desktop toolbar, Amiga Explorer still appears. To also remove Amiga Explorer from such additional desktop contexts the following registry keys have to be deleted:


If the following DWORD value is set to 1, Amiga Explorer is completely removed not only from the desktop, but also from all other system folders, remaining accessible only via the Start menu:

  • [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\

The same value can also be set on a per-user basis, via an equivalent key in HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

Complete Manual Uninstallation

To completely uninstall Amiga Explorer, if for some reason Add/Remove Programs is not an option, delete the following registry keys and values:

    Windows\CurrentVersion\Shell Extensions\Approved\{1E0F3F10-3036-11D1-A4CF-00A0C94203AE}

Renaming the Amiga Explorer Icon

To rename the "Amiga" icon (also named "Amiga Explorer" or "Amiga Computer" in older versions of Amiga Explorer) replace "Amiga" with a new name in the following string value:


Moving the Amiga Explorer Icon

To move the icon to a different virtual folder (e.g. My Computer, Control Panel or Network Neighborhood) remove the Amiga Explorer CLSID from the "Desktop" key, which will remove the icon (and the namespace extension) from the Desktop:


and create a new subkey of the key that represents the appropriate virtual folder (replace "<VFolder>" with "MyComputer" for My Computer, "ControlPanel" for Control Panel, "NetworkNeighborhood" for My Network Places and "NetworkNeighborhood\EntireNetwork" for Entire Network):

    (Default)="Amiga Explorer"

Adding Amiga Explorer Icons

Additionally, it is possible to place an Amiga Explorer icon anywhere in the file system by creating a directory named "Amiga.{1E0F3F10-3036-11D1-A4CF-00A0C94203AE}" (replace "Amiga" with a different name if desired). This can be combined with a removal of the icon on the Desktop as described above (i.e. removal of the Amiga Explorer CLSID from the "Desktop" registry key).


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