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Amiga Forever and Installation of "Amiga OS 3.5" and "Amiga OS 3.9"



This article explains how to install the products marketed as "Amiga OS 3.5" and "Amiga OS 3.9" in the Amiga Forever emulation environment.



Because Amiga Forever 6.0 and higher include most of the same functionality, if not newer functionality, Cloanto does not recommend the installation of the software known as "Amiga OS 3.5" or "Amiga OS 3.9" on Amiga Forever without reading this page first.

For additional information about the operating system version installed in Amiga Forever please refer to:

The installation of "Amiga OS 3.5" on top of Amiga Forever 6.0 or higher would represent a "downgrade". As such, the procedure is neither recommended nor supported.

It is however possible (although not considered necessary or recommended) to install and reinstall the product known as "Amiga OS 3.9" in Amiga Forever.

Quick tips:

  • Make sure that the emulation configuration is set to a 68020 CPU and a 3.1 Amiga ROM, and that audio is enabled and working (the Installer may crash or freeze on Amiga computers with no audio)
  • Depending on the version of the product, the volume name of the CD-ROM should be "AmigaOS3.9" (note the "." character, which the emulation supports for its volume names, but which some operating systems will strip by default, considering it "illegal" in a CD volume name). The volume name can be manually set in the emulation options, if necessary.
  • If the installer still freezes when outputting sound at the beginning of the installation set the WinUAE sound options to "Emulated, 100% accurate", 16 bit, stereo.
  • In the pre-installation, answer Yes to the question "Do you use a 4-way IDE adapter?" (this will prevent an incompatible patch from being installed)
  • Do not install any CD-ROM drivers or TCP/IP stack (the emulation inherits both from the host environment)
  • The Installer may fail to set proper write and delete attributes on the Amiga files, causing a lot of "Can the file be deleted and/or overwritten?", "Error in file ENVARC:..." and other error messages. To prevent this, copy the installation directory to the hard disk, and use the Protect command to reset the proper attributes (e.g. "Protect Work:OS39 rwed ADD ALL").

The product known as "Amiga OS 3.9" requires a 68020 CPU, version 3.1 of the Amiga ROM, and sound emulation. This requires a "downgrade" of the ROM version which is preset in the "Workbench 3.X" configuration of Amiga Forever, which includes a newer "3.X" ROM. Make sure that you configure the emulation and set these options appropriately.

On some systems the default sound output method may be unavailable, in which case the sound setting for the "Workbench 3.X" configuration falls back to no sound, which may require a manual adjustment. To perform this change, select the manual configuration option, load the "Workbench 3.X" configuration, enable Sound Emulation, select whichever Sound Output Method is available, and save the settings. To take advantage of all the sound options on Windows make sure that you have the latest version of DirectX installed.

During installation of new operating system files, do not install any CD-ROM, SCSI or IDE drivers, as these interfaces are already taken care of by the corresponding Windows drivers. The emulation has high-level file systems access to these devices. CD-ROM drives can be mounted in the emulation like any other Windows hard disk or directory, without requiring special Amiga drivers, or by using the CacheCDFS software which is already preinstalled in Amiga Forever. We recommend that you do not install the TCP/IP software or configure the Amiga side of TCP/IP so that it dials out to the internet. TCP/IP is already provided by the emulation environment, and is enabled by default in the "Workbench 3.X" configurations. The appropriate procedure to establish an Amiga internet dial-up connection under the emulation is to let the host side (e.g. Windows) do the dialing and logon (automatically, if so desired).

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