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Q: Why don't you include more old Amiga games and add-ons in Amiga Forever?



A: We decided to focus more on the core components, which include integration with emulation components, access to online content, the data sharing software, and the ROM and operating system files, and to deliver the best possible quality and value in these fields. As a bonus, we have included the latest versions of some of our own Amiga programs, such as Personal Paint 7.1c. A few additional third-party tools, which we consider an extremely valuable basic addition to the operating system, without affecting compatibility, personal user interface taste and download size, are also included, as are a selection of fine games and demoscene productions.

Amiga Forever does not want to be primarily a compilation of games and other software, but rather it is designed to be the best integration environment to access and run this software.

The Amiga Forever site includes a variety of links from where additional software is available for free and legal download. Games and demoscene productions are listed here:

Amiga Forever 2008 and newer versions began to introduce support for a common framework for one-click download and installation of Amiga games. You can read more about it here:


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