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Cloanto Personal Paint 6.4


Personal Paint 6.4 is a powerful and intuitive paint, image processing, animation and 24-bit printing package. Employ stunning effects like emboss, water-colors, transparencies and stereograms (as in "Magic Eye"), while virtual memory frees precious Chip RAM by using other storage resources! Plus: support of RTG graphics cards, different file formats (IFF, PNG, PCX, C source code, DataTypes, etc.), nine brushes, two independent working environments, multi-level Undo/Redo, animation storyboard, Bézier curves, autoscroll painting, superior text editor, color fonts, PostScript output, screen grabber...


While Personal Paint 7 has already been released, version 6.4 continues to be available from Cloanto as well as from OEM partners such as Amiga Technologies. There are slight differences between various releases of Personal Paint 6.4: the version included in the Personal Suite supports for the first time anim-brushes (because other parts of the CD require this feature), whereas the version bundled with the Amiga Magic pack does not. The Kara Collection contains the last "build" of Personal Paint 6.4, dated September 1996, as a free upgrade to all users who already own Personal Paint (any version up to 6.4, either as a stand-alone package, Amiga bundle version or part of the Personal Suite). User interface localization files for Personal Paint 6.4 are available for free download. The Cloanto website also contains a Frequently Asked Questions section and other Documents about Personal Paint, which in part are applicable to version 6.4.