Amiga Forever 4K Desktop View

(Sample Screen with Merged Amiga and C64 Forever Environments on High-DPI Display)

Click to view original high-DPI resolution


Sample 4K Windows desktop view featuring Amiga Forever with a merged Amiga and CBM 8-bit environment and multiple 68K, PowerPC and 8-bit emulation sessions running simultaneously. Click to view the original high-DPI resolution. Note: C64 Forever and OS 4.1 FE as illustrated are supported, but not included with Amiga Forever (a separate purchase is required). To achieve the multi-platform results as depicted you need to install both Amiga Forever and C64 Forever, and enable the Merge platforms option (under Tools/Options). To install OS 4.1 FE for Classic follow the instructions provided with the "Amiga 4000 PPC" title in the Systems tab of Amiga Forever (mount the AmigaOS ISO image via the title editor or the CD drive icon, or insert the CD in the drive, etc.)

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