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Amiga Forever on RetroGaming Radio

Amiga Forever was featured in the March 2005 RetroGaming Radio show:

Editorial: Nostalgia: Is it dying?
Interview: Mike Battilana
Product Review: Heavy Weapon, Zen Wordz

This month we interview Amiga Forever's Mike Battilana about the new Amiga Forever 6.0 - and we're going to give away three copies in a new contest! We discuss Nostalgia; what it is and why it's a dying form. Two new product reviews: Heavy Weapon from Popcap and Zen Wordz, a new game from a classic game developer. We give away the final Easter egg on the Year 5 DVD-ROM... and of course, our popular Bits & Bytes segment! All this, and so much more!

The interview was produced during Classic Gaming Expo 2004 by Shane R. Monroe and the late Bryan "Kidhype" Smith. It covers the origins of Amiga emulation, the motivations behind Amiga Forever, as well as possible future scenarios, including features planned for future versions of Amiga Forever, such as the new XML-based Amiga application description and access framework.

The MP3 show file has been edited by removing more than one hour of unrelated sections, and is being republished here with permission.

The Amiga Forever show contest received an impressive number of entries. 14 participants gave 100% correct entries. Although it had originally been announced that of all successful entries only three would have been chosen at random to win a full Amiga Forever 6 CD, all 14 correct submissions received the CD.

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Mike, Shane and Bryan during the show

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