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UAE Developers Meeting in Freiburg

The UAE Developers Meeting took place on September 20-23, 1997, in Freiburg (Germany). Originally, the event was planned to be a "UAE Summer" meeting, but many things happened and it was getting September until concrete plans were out. Finally, eight UAE developers (Bernd Schmidt, Mathias Ortmann, Brian King, Dana Peters, Mike Battilana, Christian Schmitt, Andreas Schildbach and Stefan Reinauer met in Freiburg. Topics like RTG, choppy sound, Zorro III and others were discussed.

Please find below a few pictures taken during the meeting.

Dana, Chris, Stefan,
Bernd and Mathias

The whole bunch
of developers :-)

Mike preparing
for a P96 demo

Oh boy, UAE all day
and night is really hard

Huh, what's there
on the screen?

The master:
Bernd Schmidt

Wow... this is
really fast :-)

8 people and 4
computers on 15m²

Better than
Canadian brew?


Brian's first

Is that really a
camera on the table?

Pass another
 siphon around.

Yes, it's been
a nice evening

Stefan updating the
UAE web site


Group photo

From left to right: (bottom) Brian King, Dana Peters, Mike Battilana, Linux Penguin, Bernd Schmidt, Mathias Ortmann;
(standing) Christian Schmitt, Andreas Schildbach, Stefan Reinauer