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Personal Paint 7

"Limited Edition" CD-ROM Shipping in Köln!

(We just finished mastering the CD, and before leaving for the show we wrote this page. Additional information will be published after the show.)

Visit us at the Computer '96 exhibition in Köln, November 15-17, at the Ossowski booth, to see the new Personal Paint. Version 7 has more than 100 new features, including:

  • New and improved file formats, including PhotoCD (licensed by Kodak), GIF (licensed by Unisys), BMP (Windows and OS/2), JPEG (not a DataType any more), 24-bit DataTypes and PBM
  • Professional internet features like GIF animations, a map editor, and everything needed to achieve maximum image quality in a compact size
  • Enhanced user interface (pop-up gadgets, different sizes of user interface fonts, NewIcons thumbnails, etc.)
  • 180 ARexx commands, with scripts directly accessible from the toolbar
  • New "plug-in" library system makes it possible to add input/output formats (for files, scanners, screens, etc.) and to replace critical Amiga blitter and CPU code with a combination of "virtual blitter" and other logic fully exploiting the different configurations (68040, Phase 5 PowerPC, etc.)
  • Automatically create directory thumbnails for entire directories
  • Advanced vector text functions (rotate, antialias, paths, etc.)
  • CD Edition includes: developer documentation, reorganized manuals (no addenda - all in the right place), tutorial animations, extended artwork.

"Limited Edition" CD-ROM

Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe, GTI and our other distributors will sell Personal Paint 7 directly at the exhibition.


The Personal Paint 7 CD-ROM will also be offered at a special upgrade price. In order to be eligible for the special upgrade offer, please carry the original program disk or product serial number with you.

Mini-CD Instructions

We hope that you will appreciate the elegant packaging concept of this limited edition CD-ROM, created especially for the launch of Personal Paint 7. The amount of software and artwork (slightly more than 50 Mbytes) allowed us to publish this edition in an original "Mini-CD" format.

Almost all Amiga and non-Amiga CD-ROM drives support the 8 cm disc format ("CD single") without requiring adapters. On these drives, the Personal Paint mini-CD can be placed directly into the lower groove at the center of the disc tray. On some CD-ROM drives, in particular those requiring a caddy, the mini-CD can only be used with a special adapter ring. These inexpensive plastic rings can be purchased in music stores, or (at no cost to users providing a Cloanto mini-CD serial number) from Cloanto, through its distributors and dealers. If you require one, please ask directly at the exhibition.