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Personal Write ScreenshotPersonal Write is a very usable, fast and affordable Amiga word processor. Its features include: multiple text windows, mail merge, data compression (to save disk space), encryption of confidential texts, MS-DOS and Mac character sets (and many more), printer spooler, PostScript driver, etc. Ideal as a first word processor, its original and powerful text processing capabilities make it an invaluable companion to other packages.

Personal Write is packed with original capabilities. It does not limit the number of text windows which can be open at the same time. The combination of speed and space organization makes it an excellent mind extending tool. A built-in spooler can print even the longest texts in the background, while the program is used to do other work. Personal Write can encrypt confidential documents, which become unreadable to unauthorized users, and save disk space by compressing texts. Personal Write is also a powerful tool for converting texts into different formats. It can load and save texts combining more than 25 character sets of the most widely used computers and operating systems. Control codes can be added or removed, as required by desktop publishing programs, Amiga system functions or other hardware and software environments. Thousands of combinations of printer settings can be selected to make the best use of features like the PostScript driver, the multistrike print mode, support for automatic justification with proportional characters and Personal Fonts Maker fonts. Alphanumerical labels can be used in the text for mail merge or to reorganize data. Keyboard shortcuts and the texts which are displayed can be redefined to personalize the user interface (which includes stereo sound effects). The software is compatible with popular Amiga screen promotion utilities.


A few years ago, Personal Write reached the limits of what we intended to create as a text-mode word processor compatible with all Amiga systems, including those with less powerful 68000 CPUs. While other programs exist which combine text processing with graphics and desktop publishing features, we have yet to see an Amiga word processor as fast, stable and memory-efficient as Personal Write. If you need DTP-formatted text on an Amiga, we recommend to write the text with Personal Write, and then import it into a DTP package. Some of the latest-generation Amiga users rightly observe that the graphical user interface of this software, which still runs on all versions of the Amiga operating system, does not have the look of the latest Cloanto applications. This is, indeed, one claim that we do not extend to Personal Write (or Personal Fonts Maker and HTX, which belong to the same generation of Cloanto software, and which we also still support). However, if you need "a tool to write", in our opinion this is what you may be looking for. This program is also included with the Personal Suite. We recommend to read the "tips & tricks" in section 1.3 of the manual. Personal Write is also the most popular Amiga word processor in Italy, where it is known as C1-Text.