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Personal Suite CD-ROM


This CD-ROM includes Personal Paint 6.4 and Personal Write 4.1 from Cloanto, SBase 4 Personal (from Oxxi), Personal Fonts Maker 1 & 2 (Cloanto), 27 professional color fonts, Cloanto's DirDiff (file synchronization and replication software) and PNG Toolkit, plus ½ Gbyte of pictures, animations, stereograms, stereogram animations, Amiga fonts, printer downloadable fonts and texts.

The CD-ROM contains no public domain or shareware software. The commercial titles include full manuals in AmigaGuide format (English and German, with some titles also in French and Italian).

Famous Amiga artists like Jim Sachs participated with a selection of their best Amiga art. Also included, a compilation of animations by Eric Schwartz, for the first time in IFF ANIM format.

The CD-ROM is packaged in an elegant metal box.