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The Kara Collection


It took 10 years of hard work to create the superb art which is contained on this CD-ROM. The Kara Collection includes all packages previously published by Kara Computer Graphics for the Amiga, plus many more, in an exclusive and professional edition reorganized and enhanced by Cloanto. This CD-ROM has rapidly established itself as a "must have" tool for video professionals and hobbyists alike.

This CD-ROM contains 80 ColorFonts (including effects like brick, glass, chrome, chisel, etc.), 5 AnimFonts (handwriting, rotating characters, static wipes, sparkles, etc.), hundreds of alternate color palettes, Starfields (moving stars seen from different perspectives), Plaquegrounds (backgrounds such as granite, marble, sand-stone, wood, etc.), and software for special effects in pictures, animations, titling and presentations. All items for solo or combined use.

The Kara Collection also includes two software packages developed by Cloanto to manage bitmapped fonts: ColorType for color fonts and Personal Fonts Maker for black and white fonts. Both have been acclaimed as the best in their respective fields.

To make AnimFonts really easy and enjoyable to use, we created an ARexx program for Personal Paint, which renders any string of characters into animated text. As Kara says, "So long to the laborious task of placing individual letters... This is the way AnimFonts were meant to be!!!"

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