Instructions for Repairing "Broken" Ring Binders

Some Cloanto packages are available with ring binder manuals. As a result of the uncompromising components and tests which we apply to our products, out of tens of thousands of ring binders shipped we have never seen a single defective unit. In rare cases, however, it may happen that rough shipping outside of our control, or a mechanical shock like a ring binder falling to the floor, cause the ring mechanism to be misaligned or loose in a way that it appears to be broken. This can easily be repaired.

The ring binder mechanism consists of three metal parts: the two ring-halves, and the cover plate. Under the plate, the two movable parts are normally joint together by pressure. Shock can cause these two parts to be pushed out of position. In this case, it will look as if the mechanism is "broken". By holding the parts (i.e. the two left ring halves and the two right ring halves) parallel, and forcing the rings wide open (with some pressure and little patience) and closing them again, the joint can be "repaired". Another method consists in pulling one ring wide open until it snaps into the open position, and then opening the other ring.